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About Us

At Cast Furniture we feel our offer is like no other in its intent - an absolute passion for our products, aligned with a company-wide mantra to never losing sight of the bigger purpose.

We are committed to positive change and our goal is Net-Zero Carbon immediately!

Committed to Positive Change

As a business, we are striving to do things better. Cast Furniture was borne because at Cast Interiors we were unable to find a business that was committed to our sustainability goals - and so we created one! We are able to support our key clients in their pursuit of carbon neutrality across their portfolios.

Our Company Pillars

A set of guiding principles, a voracious work ethic, a passion for delivery and a clear vision for the legacy we leave behind is what drives Cast Furniture.
Our Guiding Principles...

We Commit To Big Ideas

We are one of the only furniture companies in London that makes a wholesale commitment that if you procure through us either an 'up-cycled' or a brand new furniture solution, we will at the end of your requirements take it back. This is an inclusive service that we offer and guarantees landfill is avoided in its entirety.

Our Work Ethic...

Determined to succeed

We are a focussed group of people who ‘turn on a penny’. Our ability to respond to your requirements, be it cost, look or programme is never compromised whilst we maintain your business values, our business values and a social conscious. Challenge us…. we will succeed!

Our Passion for Delivery...

Being Less Ordinary

We are firmly in the ‘go bold or go home’ camp! Our furniture styles are intended to be noticed. We are driven to see your spaces let and we seek inspiration in places you couldn’t imagine because we are passionate about what we do and who we do it for. It’s never just a chair to us!

Creating a Legacy...

Shaping The World

We get excited at finding smaller but smarter businesses that have a sustainable and fantastic product range, so we can furnish our environment in an unforgettable way.

Our Partners

Just some of the businesses and brands we love to specify and work with - we are a friendly bunch and always looking to build relationships. So get in touch if you’d like to talk through how to work with us.

Want to know more?

Give us a call or drop us a message using our simple form and we will get back to you to arrange a call to discuss how we may be able to help.