Weiss Architecture Studio

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Our Offer

All furniture proposals we create are not only tailored to a client's brand, they are representative of their ethos - treating furniture as an extension of their workspace, creating an environment in which teams can thrive.

All our furniture proposals benefit from:


Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

Take back scheme

A robust warranty period

New Furniture

We can cultivate furniture schemes from any of your preferred suppliers or our own. We are an open book! We offer a team who will create a furniture proposal to align with your needs which includes selection, sourcing, lead times and total cohesiveness with your office interiors.

Remanufactured Furniture

Our favourite type of proposal is one where we can provide truly unique pieces of furniture that do not exist anywhere else on the planet. Working with a select group of ethical partners we are constantly reviewing the abundance of surplus furniture available within the market to source, remanufacture, refinish and reupholster using the latest techniques and fabrics. By doing this we are able to provide our clients with what looks like brand new furniture covered by a warranty. It may sound too good to be true… but we would challenge you to spot the difference with a brand new version!

Bespoke Furniture

We appreciate that sometimes you’re inspired by a piece of furniture you saw in an airport lounge, someone’s home or perhaps even dreamt about.... Our bespoke furniture designers can work with you to recreate that through loving hand sketches and then our specialist manufacturers can convert an idea into reality and all the while ensuring it complies with UK regulations.

Biophilia Services

Real plants in an office space have several benefits, as well as looking pretty. They increase the health and wellbeing of occupiers, boosting productivity. Unique modular self-sufficient plant systems are perfect for growing fresh vegetable and herbs, creating an interactive experience for tenants. And plastic-free preserved plants are perfect for areas that lack sufficient sunlight or are in hard-to-reach areas.

Furniture Storage

With over 6,000 sqft of secure and insured storage space, we have the ability to store your furniture, take it away to be absorbed into our up-cycling proposals or donate to our charitable partners.

Want to know more?

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